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Accounting or tax service. Why hire it?

There are many fiscal and accounting tasks that a company must carry out to keep up to date with its obligations and prevent possible setbacks. You do not always have the necessary staff and, therefore, one of the most practical resources is the hiring of accounting or tax outsourcing for your company.

Very good! You have made the decision to take that step, but what else do you need to know to hire the right service that meets your needs?

A professional quality accounting or tax service such as that of MLC Contadores It gives you clarity in the terms and obligations of each party and puts at your disposal effective communication channels to ensure that you receive the help and advice you need at the right time.

By hiring our accounting or tax service, not only do you not lose control of your resources or information, but you also get great benefits such as:

  • Learning to systematically and orderly record the operations of the company
  • Plan and comply in a timely manner with tax obligations in the most profitable way for you.
  • Have the advice of independent experts who provide solutions based on previous experiences with similar problems
  • Your costs are reduced by not having to hire specialized equipment and software, training courses and updating for your plant staff.
  • You only pay the time you use to our team.

Next, we present the most frequent doubts that clients who hired our accounting or tax service have had. If you do not find the answer you need here, write to us and we will gladly assist you

  • Preparation of Financial Information.
  • Tax Determination and Presentation
  • Comprehensive Consulting
  • We will prepare the Payroll,
  • Tax Calculations
  • Ringing and payroll receipts
  • Up and down workers before the
  • Deliver complete information and on the stipulated dates.
  • Make the payment of your taxes on time to avoid fines and surcharges.
  • Financial statements
  • Taxes to pay
  • Additional information for the best decision making
  • Payroll
  • Taxes to pay
  • Stamp and payroll receipts
  • Terminations

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