The reforms to the Outsourcing Law 2021 modify the way in which hiring and payments must be made to payroll personnel in Mexico.
Do you already know what it is about and how to comply with it?

Avoid fines of up to 4 million 481 thousand pesos!

It is not too late to make the necessary changes and comply with the Outsourcing Law 2021. As of September 1, it will be mandatory for your staff to include all the personnel who carry out the essential operational activities of your company, so if It has not yet done so, it is essential to start the necessary actions as soon as possible to carry out the incorporation to the payroll efficiently and without risk.

MLC Contadores offers you a payroll administration scheme that will provide you with the fiscal and financial certainty you need to properly manage your human capital.

These are the benefits you will receive:

You will be able to carry out strategic planning of the payroll

You will get reductions in your operating expenses

You can avoid unnecessary mistakes and risks

Will comply with all authorities

Confidentiality of your payroll information

Your employees will be satisfied with their benefits on time

You will have a clearer view of the payroll due to the timely reports

The reform to the Outsourcing Law 2021 allows you to outsource the calculation and management of your payroll, obtaining highly specialized personnel dedicated to your company that will avoid wasting time and avoid errors and fines.


Our payroll calculation service gives you access to a digital platform that facilitates data management. We provide timely reports that help to understand how the money is distributed and find errors that generate unnecessary expenses and staff annoyance.

If you have any questions about how to keep your payroll, we will analyze the case and guide you to obtain the best result. Our experts are constantly updated, offering you the necessary expertise to perform a clear and efficient payroll calculation.

Advantages of Our Service:

  • Confidentiality with the information of your financial situation.
  • Identification and decrease of risks.
  • Correct application of taxes.
  • Detect problems or deviations in time for correction.
  • Recommendations to improve the organization in internal processes and controls.
  • Suggestions to achieve greater efficiency in the execution of your operations.
  • Recommendation in the implementation of policies and procedures.

Our service includes:

  1. Strategic payroll planning.
  2. Activation of the platform for the digital archive of administrative management.
  3. Creation of digital personnel files.
  4. Creation and maintenance of catalog, and where appropriate the staff tab.
  5. Permanent Graphical Evaluations of the personnel.
  6. Calculation and procedure of the payroll elaborated by professionals.
  7. Generation of electronic receipts (DFSI'S) and payroll reports.
  8. Generation of IMSS Affiliated Movements in IDSE and SUA systems.
  9. Punctuality in the calculation of Employer Contributions and related taxes.
  10. Support in the calculation of extemporaneous payments.

Why choose us?


  1. We have 9 years of experience in the market.
  2. We have an organized process that ensures quality service.
  3. We provide personalized attention based on customer needs.

We have the experience and training you need in financial audits

We distinguish ourselves by offering great customer service in our financial audits

Financial audits in record time

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