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Our tax and accounting advice service allows us to be in contact with the problems that are presented to companies like yours every day. In this section we will give you tips on how to solve them and updates on the news that you should know so as not to incur errors or omissions in the management of your company.

New reform in the matter of labor subcontracting. 

Don't let the reform take you by surprise! On April 24 of this year, the Subcontracting Reform came into effect. This prohibits the subcontracting of personnel that form part of the corporate purpose or the predominant economic activity. The companies have a period of time of 90 days to pass […]

Know the important points about the reform in the matter of Subcontracting or Outsourcing

En MLC Contadores We help you to make the relevant changes in your company, to achieve compliance with this reform. In November of last year, an initiative was presented from which it was agreed in a tripartite manner to generate an open dialogue between the employer, worker and government sectors. This dialogue was directed to the problems […]

Has your company already complied with Rule 35?

What is Norm 35 or Nom 35? It is a standard issued by the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare, which establishes the elements to identify, analyze and prevent psychosocial risk factors, as well as to promote a favorable organizational environment in the workplace. Who is obliged to comply with the NOM […]

Present your risk premium correctly and safely

Remember that in the month of February the risk premium of your company or as a natural person must be presented. Don't buy your time! In MLC Contadores we are at your service to support you with this process and do not have any problem with the Social Security authorities, what are you waiting to take [...]

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