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Our tax and accounting advice service allows us to be in contact with the problems that are presented to companies like yours every day. In this section we will give you tips on how to solve them and updates on the news that you should know so as not to incur errors or omissions in the management of your company.

Avoid risks in the payroll of your company or business

The SAT will sanction bad practices with outsourcing and will remove the undue deduction from previous years. Plan your payroll with us, we are specialists in human capital. It is not only making up the payroll, it is finding its optimal cost that allows you to correctly comply with tax obligations, reduce operating costs, save time and eliminate unproductive positions. […]

Are you ready for the annual return?

Remember that if you are a Moral Person, your deadline is the month of March and if you are an individual, until the month of April. Don't be surprised! In MLC ContadoresWe are ready to help you fulfill your obligation in a timely manner, we have the best specialists in Accounting, Taxes and Payroll.

What is the SAT's opinion about self-billing?

Know the SAT's opinion about allowing self-billing by electronic means.

What consequences do I have before the authorities if I do not generate an invoice for my clients and only give them the possibility of self-invoicing by making available an electronic means for them to enter their data and obtain their tax receipt? If you need more information about this provision, come to us and […]

Taxes on digital platforms

Technology forces us to change the legislation. Taxes on digital platforms are trending.

Do you know how taxes apply to digital platforms for taxpayers who use Uber, Cabify, Uber Eats, Rappi, etc? Entering into force on April 01, 2019 the VAT and ISR withholding based on the miscellaneous tax resolution, the calculation of the VAT and ISR withholdings will be made to the […]

If I am RIF, am I required to issue payment stamps?

Do you know how and when it is mandatory to make the payment stamp?

Is payment stamping mandatory if you are taxed under the tax incorporation regime (RIF)? We tell you how to apply this stimulus and what requirements you need to avoid having to stamp payments. We are at your service to answer your questions about this issue. Contact us!

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