Comprehensive treatment for the calculation of the payroll of your company with excellent results in the management of your human capital.

We prepare the payroll calculation for companies of any size, without unnecessary errors or risks.


MLC Contadores gives you the perfect integral treatment for payroll calculation with excellent results in the Management of your Human Capital.

With our Advice and Professional Services, you will eliminate unnecessary operating expenses, errors and risks.

Advantages of Our Service:

  • Reduction of operating charges and costs in the Human Resources area.
  • Advice and specialized attention.
  • Confidentiality of information.
  • Compliance with legal provisions (IMSS, INFONAVIT, LFT, SAT).
  • Implementation of solutions to customer requirements.

Our service includes:

  1. Strategic payroll planning.
  2. Activation of the platform for the digital archive of administrative management.
  3. Creation of digital personnel files.
  4. Creation and maintenance of catalog, and where appropriate the staff tab.
  5. Permanent Graphical Evaluations of the personnel.
  6. Calculation and procedure of the payroll elaborated by professionals.
  7. Generation of electronic receipts (DFSI'S) and payroll reports.
  8. Generation of IMSS Affiliated Movements in IDSE and SUA systems.
  9. Punctuality in the calculation of the Employer Contributions and related taxes.
  10. Support in the calculation of extemporaneous payments.

Why choose us?


  1. We have 9 years of experience in the market.
  2. We have an organized process that ensures quality service.
  3. We provide personalized attention based on customer needs.

We help you with the payroll calculation!

A team ready to calculate your company's payroll

Let us help you in preparing the calculation of your company's payroll. You acquire the peace of mind of fulfilling that duty correctly and your employees will be satisfied to be receiving the fair remuneration for your effort.

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